Big Boet ! Toddler

Big Boet ! Toddler 1.0

This program has to stimulate and develop the child's concentration
1.0 (See all)

Big Boet ! Toddler is a program that helps you to school preparation programme.
It contents:
-Language ; vocabulary and concepts (4 themes)
-Memory ; visual memory (game format)
-Thinking ; visual analysis and synthesis (puzzles), association
-Perception ; visual discrimination, directional orientation and body awareness
-Mathematics ; counting skills, numerical concept and numerical symbols
-Creativity ; colour observation and use (colouring book)
-Progress report with skills analysis
All sections consists of an adaptive learning system with levels of difficulty. - Colourful 3D illustrations. AIM: To stimulate and develop the child's concentration, to make the child aware of time-limits, and to build confidence by making own decisions and working independently.

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